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Jul 20, 2020

Due to lockdown and corona pandemic many people have lost their jobs. Any one who may be engineer, technician, programmer, developer, computer operator etc have lost their job due to corona situation all over the world. There is economic crisis all over the world.

In India many people are jobless. They dont have work for their hands. Many skilled persons also dont have job for their livelihood. But as per the famous phrase “There is a will, There is a way” so wee need to find out our way ourselves. No one can help us in this situation.

Digital marketing is the growing field in the world of internet marketing one can enter into this field to earn much more. So fear not about losing your job. Just you try to learn some techniques of internet marketing. Though this takes time to become expert and start earning money but one needs to start as early as possible.

What jobs one can do from home through Mobile phone.

Youtube Channel Setup

By creating ones own youtube channel for any niche according to their experty one can start channel


You try to create your own blog by choosing a topic of your interest. You can create blog through wordpress or blogger. But don’t look for free blogging website. Just buy a domain and hosting to create a best website. Once website get created design it accordingly. Next step is to write posts according to your nice or subject. For that you need to maintain consistency.

Then after you try to optimize your blog through SEO, Digital marketing techniques which will help to get much traffic.

And then after you apply for googles ads through google Adsense if it get approved you will get Ads displayed on your website so you can start earning.

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